Our Story

RS.GLOW started late 2016 when I was suffering a breakout due to stress related reasons. After using various products that aimed to help spots there was no improvement until I started using natural skincare. I done a lot of research into my skin type as well as help from my families tips using ingredients such as rose water & honey. I sold facemasks typically with fresh ingredients however my love of clays changed that and I found myself creating & selling facemasks to close friends and family. I started posting my products on Instagram and received a lot of support which encouraged me to make my facemasks more available.  

Fast forward to January 2020 I experienced a 2nd degree burn which left my skin exposed and extremely sensitive. I followed guidance by the doctors and within one week I was able to use a moisturiser to help heal the burn. From that point I only used raw natural ingredients & my facemasks which has helped my skin heal so well.

I use facemasks regularly as they help extract dirt and enhance your skins natural appearance. Each facemask has been created for various reasons from my own skincare experience. Skincare can be fresh and it shouldn’t sit on the side of your dressing table. Once you get into a routine it makes a difference.


My ultimate goal is for people to understand how beneficial natural skincare is and it can be purchased at a reasonable price.  

Rachel- RS.GLOW