Further information/ FAQs

How long do the facemasks last?

They can last 3 weeks however if you keep it in the fridge they can last up to 4 weeks. 

How often should I apply the facemask?

I recommend to use the facemask twice a week to see improvements.

Will I have a reaction?

If you are concerned about any of the ingredients you can carry out a patch test to check that the product does not react to your skin. Apply a small amount to your wrist and wait for 24 hours. 

How should I apply the facemask? 

Ensure your skin is cleansed from any make up, apply the facemask and leave on for 5-10 minutes and wash off with warm water. 


When you wash off the facemask use the compressed sponge provided, a soft flannel or cleansing pad in a circular motion. 

Apply moisturiser in a circular upward motion.

Ensure the facemask is kept in the fridge to maintain its freshness. 


Please keep away from children.

Not for internal consumption.

Facemasks should be stored in fridge.